Ultrasonic Latex Probe Covers (Transducer)

Non-Sterile Latex Bulk Packed Probe Covers (34 mm width and 200 mm Length)

  • Endocavity
  • Non-sterile
  • Contains latex

Manufactured from the highest quality latex, with the best and most advanced European Technology, our ultrasonic probe covers (for abdominal and vaginal use) are a high quality standard guarantee, CE marked (class IIa, Medical Devices 93/42 EU Directive).

This probe cover is made of natural rubber latex sheath which is used on probes of Ultrasound Imaging System, especially those used in abdominal imaging.

This probe cover is straight-walled with smooth surface, round-ended and its features are closely related to a condom.

A line of the finest quality latex probe covers for the ultrasound professional. Provides optimum fit and protects your ultrasound probes and transducers with Latex probe cover.

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